Woox Smart Plug 16A

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Control your home appliances from anywhere
Smart WOOX Smart Plug 16A allows you to control connected appliances from anywhere using your mobile phone or tablet. Whether you are at work, in the garden or on holiday, you can easily turn on or off lighting, a kettle, a fan, electric heating, etc. Just a few clicks in an intuitive mobile appWoox Home App to ensure a safe and low-cost operation of your home.

Key features of the WOOX Smart Plug 16A smart socket
Smart WOOX Smart Plug 16A remote control socket
Suitable for more demanding appliances - it can handle loads up to 3680W
2.4 GHz WiFi to communicate with Woox Home on your phone or tablet
Option to schedule on / off as needed
Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT
Easy and fast installation

Easy installation
Using the socket is very simple and no special hub is required for use. WOOX Smart Plug 16A works with all types of home WiFi routers and is free of charge.

WOOX Smart Plug 16A is equipped with a timer for economical operation and longer lifetime of appliances, so you can schedule the operation of connected devices according to your individual needs.
Podpora Amazon Alexa a Google Assistant

Support for voice control
The smart WOOX socket works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to let consumers control using voice commands. You can assign a name to each drawer and control it directly or create a group of all intelligent devices and manage them all at once.

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